I have been going to this place for under a year to treat my chronic pain due to endometriosis.

Doctor Brown is great and makes the stress of appointments, as simple and pleasant as possible.

YES. They do have you regularly drop off urine specimens, but it is to confirm that you are taking your meds, and aren't taking anything you don't have a prescription for. Unfortunately this is basic protocol, due to the global opioid crisis.

The staff are often very busy, but if you can be patient with them, they are very kind and helpful.

Thanks to them, I feel like I'm finally on the right path to managing my chronic pain.

Anna M.

This Doctor is the best! I just had an appointment with him and he finally told me something that made sense to me. Explained things in plain English, awesome experience so far

Liz D

Will definitely recommend this place to friends and family!!!

Luigi P

Dr. Chapdelaine is brilliant! Dr. Brown is also great! Girls in the office are always helpful. Thank you all!

Mary D